7 Great Tips to Wipe Away Your Stress & Bring Inner Peace during Pregnancy

Written By Emila Bell 

An average person thinks a pregnant woman is cranky and irritable. Many a time, the change in behavior seen in the pregnant woman is due to the stress of carrying another developing human.  Sometimes, anxiety and irritability cannot be escaped. 

It is not unusual to experience stress in pregnancy. However, it is possible to wipe away the stress and reach a level of inner peace. This article is well fortified  to help you achieve that. 

Here are 7 Amazing Tips to help take away Your Stress and Give You Inner Peace

Focus on your baby

First off, you need to know that it is okay to relax when you need it. It isn’t just a good idea for you, it’s great for your baby too.

A good way to go about this is to focus on your baby. All you have to do is relax and channel all your thoughts towards your baby bump. You could sing, chat or even read to your unborn child. 

This way, you can silence all those voices and have the inner peace required for adequate rest.

Always Speak Up

Your worries may be concerning the wellbeing of your baby. Perhaps, this is your first pregnancy and you have noticed some seemingly unusual changes. Sitting and thinking all by yourself, would affect your inner peace.

So, try talking it out with your partner. Together, you both could pay a visit to your doctor. Education and reassurance may be all you really need.

Discussing your worries with other expectant moms during antenatal classes can also prove helpful. In summary, by speaking up and being honest, you can regain your peace.

Get enough rest and sleep

There is no substitute for quality rest. The importance of rest cannot be overemphasized. So, listen to your own needs. When you feel tired, rest or nap. You can also opt to go to bed very early, but it is always better to have a sleep schedule. Adequate sleep is crucial for good health and is even more essential in pregnancy.

If an obligation or duty is depriving you of adequate sleep, remember to ask for help. However, if hot flashes and night sweats are affecting how well you can sleep, the new BedJet v3 would make you more comfortable. 

 Try light/gentle exercises

Sometimes, your mood will be totally messed up. In times like that, try doing light exercises. During exercises, chemicals (called endorphins) are released by your body, to make you feel good. Hence, it is safe to say exercising lifts your spirits.

Doing exercises while pregnant is safe. They just need to be light/gentle. Aerobic exercises, swimming, pregnancy yoga and brisk walking for a specific period are good for you. Strenuous exercises are not advisable.

Maintain a good diet

Eating well is very important in pregnancy. The last thing you want is for your blood sugar to drop. Once your blood sugar drops, you would feel very tired and irritable. You need to eat regular meals to avoid this.

Pregnancy might alter your food preferences and eating habits, but you have to ensure you’re making great efforts at eating well. Water is a class of food too, so ensure you’re drinking six to eight 200ml glasses of water per day.

 Put complementary therapies to good use

Complementary therapies will keep you happy. Laughter and Massage therapies top the list. Massage takes stress and helps you relax better. Your partner could learn to massage your feet and your lower back. You could also visit the spa to get a full body massage from professionals. Just ensure your masseur has a great deal of experience in dealing with pregnant women.

As for laughter therapy, you could meet up with friends to watch a funny movie. Laughter is one good way to really relax and feel at peace.

Other therapies (such as aromatherapy) can also help you feel calm and very relaxed.

Try mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to focus on one moment at a time. Hence, it prevents you from overthinking about the past or future. This is because mindfulness gets you so engrossed in the present and leaves no room for anxiety or negative thoughts. It lets you feel each moment; the beauty of your surroundings, your current situation and your entire life. It would help you find happiness in things as simple as the wind rushing on your face or your baby’s kicks. 

Getting started with mindfulness would help you a lot. To practice mindfulness, the key is to pay attention to. Take time to meditate on your thoughts per time and the things in your present surroundings.


Consciously put these tips to use and you would find inner peace and be stress-free, even in your pregnant state.

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