Dressing Up Your Baby

Finding the right outfit for your baby can be difficult sometimes! There are moments when you would like to dress up your little baby with a matching outfit to the one you have one, while sometimes you are simply looking for a way to match your baby to the kind of day it is outside. Dressing your baby can sometimes even more difficult than dressing yourself! This is a normal path that most parents cross when their babies are still young, and that is okay. Here are some tips that may help you determine the best outfit for your baby on any given day.

Keep It Simple

It cannot be stressed enough the fact that your baby simply looks better when their cute little face is the center of attention. When choosing an outfit for them to wear, keep the outfit simple and decluttered from crazy designs or other accessories attached to the clothing. Keeping the main part of the outfit simple will help accentuate your little baby’s beautiful and unique features.

Fun Details

While it is important to keep your baby’s outfit simple, adding fun little details to the outfit will make it fun and unique. These types of details may include decorative socks, like animal socks, or a headband with a cute and colorful flower. These small details are easy to add to your baby’s outfit.

A Personal Touch

All too often you may receive a special gift to pass on to your baby from a close relative or friend. This may be a special blanket from your mom that she used while you were a baby or it might be a headband passed along from your grandma. Whatever it may be, incorporating something personal to add to your baby’s outfit will help make it unique as well as personal to you and your baby.

Blacks and Browns

Unless you are preparing your baby for a very specific event like a funeral or camping, try and keep your baby’s wardrobe free of blacks and dark browns. These colors are often unflattering to little babies and often convey a certain aura of moodiness. You may have heard that the color black often makes your baby look slimmer, but you can still achieve the same effect by using a dark blue or a dark purple.

Neutral Colors

Sometimes the best outfit for your baby consists of neutral colors, like white, grey, tan, or other tones from the color spectrum. By choosing these types of neutral colors, it becomes easier to choose outfits for you to wear in order to match each other when going out or when taking family photos. Additionally, if you are choosing an outfit that has special designs, like stripes or polka-dots, be sure that the colors of the design are neutral as well.

Textures, Patterns, and Fit

While keeping things simple in your baby’s outfit, you may also consider something with textures or unique designs, such as flora or water patterns. Again, the key to a great outfit is to keep it simple, so when choosing an outfit with a unique pattern or texture it is important to find something that is not distracting from your baby and simply accentuates their beauty.


Once you have found an outfit with which you feel comfortable, make sure it is not too loose nor too tight on your baby. Tight-fitting clothes are uncomfortable for your baby and may end up cutting off their circulation, while loose-fitting clothes often make it look like they are swimming in their own outfit.


Ultimately, the most important thing is to get an outfit that makes you happy. Your baby is your pride and joy, so use the knowledge you have learned here and apply it as you will. It is okay to match your baby’s outfits to your specific taste. Having a little baby to cherish and love is one of the greatest joys in life, so go out and embrace it as long as you can.

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