Crib manufacturers do their best to protect your baby, but one major concern to your baby’s safety is outside the crib.  DreamCatcher gives you peace of mind. What’s more, DreamCatcher doesn’t restrict your child to their crib but provides a softer place to land for curious, adventurous little ones.

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DreamCatcher’s unique design configures to any nursery layout, whether your crib is against one wall, two walls, or is placed in the middle of the nursery, with eight separate sections that are easily inflated.

Simply place the DreamCatcher on the floor with your crib positioned on the center flat section, then inflate the sections you need. Any sections that you don’t need to inflate can be simply rolled up or folded underneath.

DreamCatcher is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, and comes in a neutral ‘Silver Cloud’ hue, which complements most nursery color schemes.

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 14.6 × 4.75 × 11 in

Silver Cloud

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